Production Company

Los Hermanos Polo

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Worked with

Turanga Films
Morena Films
Vaca Films
Pictures, Pictures
Absolut Vodka
Out of the Box Features
City Drive Group
Stella Adler Academy of Theater
Production Inc.
Chris Nolan Productions
That wasn't me (Aquél no era yo) - Academy Award Nominee Short Film 2014


Cinematographer of “The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo” for TVE/Movistar Plus/TV3/Àpunt
Cinematographer of music video “Volver a casa” by Santero y los muchachos

Co-Director with Javier Polo of 1st Season “Tot anirà bé” for TV3
Financing to direct feature film "Devil Dog Road"
Camera Operator for Trust Me a BBC English Series
Cinematographer of Equilibri TV documentary film about Okuda by Batiste Miquel.
Cinematographer of Hanged Man Music Video

Writes with David Pascual the feature film script "Pobre Diablo (Devil Dog Road)".
Co-Director with Javier Polo of Catharsis with Marie-Lou Desmeules.
Cinematographer of the TV Documentary Film “Rambal” by Batiste Miquel (Docu Produccions).
Cinematographer of the music video “Oro” Salfvman by Jonathan Cremades.
Cinematographer of series DebateX for Cerveza Mixta by Colirio Films.
Cinematographer of Joma commercial by Colirio Films.
B-Cam for Honda commercial.
Cinematographer for DAS Audio commercial.
Cinematographer for MSC Barcos by BSV Producciones.
Cinematographer of commercial “Fibrosis Quística” by Arturo Fernandez.

Cinematographer of the Documentary Film “Be the ball” by Erik Lang (Pictures, Pictures).
Cinematographer of the short film “The Astronaut”.
Cinematographer of the short film “Greasy Moneky”.
Cinematographer of music video “Bohnes”.
Cinematographer of the web series “Messages from the end”.
Cinematographer on the music video "No Choice" by Big Charly.
Cinematographer on the music video “Black Bane” by Street Light
Directs the music video “Paris” (USA) by Falling Doves.

Camera Operator on the music video "Unpredictable" by Celeste Buckingham.
Cinematographer at the commercial campaign “Up for whatever” Bud Light.
Cinematographer of the short film “Nowhere Hours”.
Cinematographer on the short film “Leading lady”.
Cinematographer on the short film “The elevator”.
Directs music video "Mirage"

Directs the short film "On the border".
Directs music video "Historia de cinema". 
2nd unit Cinematographer and B Camera Operator of the feature film “Appetites”.

Film Directing Certificate at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA - USA).

Camera Operator at the Oscar Academy Awards Nominee short film "That wasn't me".
Behind the scenes of "Scorpion in love” produced by Morena Films.
Behind the scenes “In darkness we fall” produced by Morena Films.
Behind the scenes “Invader” produced by Morena Films.

Directs the documentary commercial “Fuentes Fuertes” for Absolut Vodka.

Directs the music video "Verde eléctrico".
Directs the music video "Resulta".
Co-directs the commercial "Un día con los García”.

Directs the short film “El olivo amarillo".
Directs the documentary film “Los locos de Valencia”.
Co-directs the commercial “Coolway Planet” for the brand Coolway.

Graduate of the Polytechnic University of Valencia on Film, Radio and TV, SPAIN.
Directs the short film “Artifact”.

Directs the short film “Hyperesthesia”.